" Robb just completed a FANTASTIC PRESENTATION here at Gladys and I have to say you deserve bigtime kudos for setting this up and being this event’s founding father.  

I am envisioning  a recurring annual tradition with him, his work was THAT on target and perfect for our needs.  

How many times have you seen 550 elementary students not just attentive, but ENTHRALLED by a presenter’s work in a gym that doersn’t have the best acoustics in the world?  Thanks to you both for a great, and very needed and timely, experience for all involved here."

Gladys Jung Elementary, Bethel, AK

Dear Robb,

"You were a hit! You brought some much-needed information to our students in a memorable way. Your presentation was fast moving and did not give the students time to get restless. We (staff) were very impressed with the quiet way the elementary students were dismissed, and made comments that he won't be able to get the middle school students to do this. Well it was certainly a good time to be wrong. The Middle School students left without a word.

Thanks again for your presentation, and I am looking forward to having you here again."


Navene Rains - Counselor / Moundridge Middle School / Rosabel Flax-Principal

Copyright Robb Holladay 2017 Amazing Educational Balloon Shows

Call Toll Free: (800) 881-5095




Toll Free (800) 881-5095

Two Options for 2019:

Same Exciting Balloon show as always.

Balloons,Puppets, Magic, Music, Audience Participation

This balloon twisting workshop is a blast!

Ages 10 & Up Only

(Yes. Adults are Welcome!)

Give your patrons something they will never forget! They will learn the skill of twisting balloons while having a blast!

Option 1: Magical Balloon Show (ALL AUDIENCES)

Option 2: Balloon Twisting Workshop

**Many libraries will book both programs for a special discount.